40 Years of AKK

So it acctually happened. As young as we might feel, we need to face the facts: AKK, Arbeitskreis Kultur und Kommunikation, turns 40 and there is nothing we can do. Well except one thing. And that is throwing the biggest and craziest party, that the campus has ever seen.

from Friday, the 1. of June – Sunday;the 10. of June 2018 – Free admission!

From the first untill the tenth of june, we will have a cultural blast, maybe even with your help. Four days spread across two weekends, cramped with live performances of bands that we like and like you to dance to. One week stuffed with cultural events, ranging from theater, classic dancing to moving pictures and other antics. Just like you remember from the best Schlonzes you visited. (Or maybe you don’t, in which case this refers to the events you visited the night before you woke up with those funny drawings on your face).