fbox Hacks

Die Fritz!Box von AVM ist ein kleiner Linux-basierter (DSL-)Router und gleichzeitig eine kleine Telefonanlage, die sowohl Festnetz- als auch VOIP-Gespräche ermöglicht.

Auf dieser Seite finden sich ein paar Texte und Hacks zum Thema "eigene oder modifizierte Firmware auf der fbox nutzen".

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	Made dumpsquashfs LZMA-aware. Needs Compress::unLZMA from CPAN.

	Made util/recover.eva for newer AVM firmware (e.g. 7170).


	Fixed dumpsquashfs bug failing on uncompressed blocks. 5012
	firmware 25.03.90 is now unpackable.


	Utility to (re-)calculate checksum of configuration file


	Fixed dumpsquashfs to handle empty fragment table correctly.


	Freschly compiled etherwake, tcpdump and strace. Run within original
	firmware without libgcc_s.so.


	Two scripts for converting between .wav and fbox music-on-hold:
	wav2fbox, fbox2wav.


	New buildroot, now building kernel and AVM uClibc-0.9.26 to avoid
	problems wrt binary compatibility.


	New buildroot using AVM's GPL-sources, fw 03.29 and uClibc-0.9.27.


	New `starttelnet.image' using the fbox web interface's password if set.

	New `recover' version. Can check flash crc after writing images.


	`dumpsquashfs' is a perl script to dump squash fs image contents
	without having to mount them.


	New buildroot version available: nfs now integrated in
	filesystem.image. If the environment variable nfsroot is set to
	:/exported/dir, this export will be nfs-mounted and
	pivot_root'ed into.

	avm2pcap.c allows to convert the fbox generated packet capture to
	libpcap format (aka tcpdump -r format).


	I've prepared a buildroot-fbox from uclibc's buildroot.


        New (unified) firmware xx.03.14 can be found on AVM's ftp server
	(currently, only the image file for fritzbox.xx_wlan can be found
	there). I've documented some new features on


	For everybody who wants to know how the "config files" are stored
        on the fbox, have a look at dumptffs.pl.


	I've built a perl program "recover" that mimics recover.exe for
	non-Windows users.


	To help people debugging some problems with mysterious ghost
	calls from analog lines, I've written `journal' to read the call
	log locally on the box from a console or telnet session.


	WARNING: never set the environment variable "firmware_version" to a
	value other than the subdirectory names of /usr/www in the firmware's
	filesystem image. Just in case you do by accident, see recovery.txt for
	a method to fix this.


	I have replaced the serial adaptor on my box with a Siemens C45
	data cable. See serial.txt for details.


	AVM have released a new firmware image: 06.01.135
	- new kernel compile
	- some changes in the administrative HTML pages: inclusion of
	  ARCOR templates et al.
	- no userland changes besides HTML


        After some playing around, I've finally found out what capiotcp_server
        is good for. It implements CMTP over TCP. CMTP (Capi Message Transport
        Protocol) is the protocol that is defined by the bluetooth CIP. Next
        I'll try to brute-force port the Linux CMTP implementation to use TCP
        as transport ... when that will be working, fbox can probably be used
        like a remote ISDN card.
        But beware, there is no protection: everyone on the local net is able
        to use the ISDN line. So there better should be an official way to
        disable capiotcp_server!


	AVM have offtaken firmware 06.01.133. An new release has been
	announced for week 41.


	AVM have released a new firmware image: 06.01.133
	- both the telnet patch and starttelnet.image should still work
	- voipd -R forces voipd to register ... even with DSL down. Great :)
	- multid (dns/dhcpc/dhcpd) triggers `voipd -R' automatically. This
	  makes DHCP client mode on the lan interface with setting of IP,
	  defaultroute and nameservers work like a charm.

	- Apparently, another kernel source has been used. The AVM developers'
	  names have vanished from /proc/avalanche/developers

	- /proc/sys/kernel/tainted says '0' BTW. Does this mean _all_ kernel
	  module sources have to be provided upon request? ;-)


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