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Karlsifornia: Green Hell


Cancervo is the name of an iconic mountain in the heart of a valley rich of tradition and popular legends. In 2020 three local guys, charmed by the tale of the creature half dog and half deer who live on that mountain, create a power heavy psych trio.
With 70’s heavy riffs and mystical moments, they tribute their own valley. The debut album talks about local places and folktales. It will drag you between mystic mountains (Aralalta), rushing river (1987), wildfire (Cancervo), deathly gallery (Darco) and murky village (Averara).

After the sold-out of the first album, Cancervo are ready to drag you once again in the occult tales of their lands. A deep voice will whisper you the despair of the souls swallowed up in the mountain ARERA or the eternal damnation of the herdsman of GREM. The sound, more and more inspired by the early 70s, abandons the psych moments of the first album in search of doom’s roots.

Not much is known about this duo. Some say they are hailing from the Black Forest.

New Way
A buttload of pedals but no clue how to use them. But at least with good feels. Somewhere between Jangle Pop and Garage. Well Let's fake jazz together, this is New Way!